Minsait and WESTPOLE are selected by eu-lisa to test and qualify european justice and home affairs core business systems for €180 million

  • We will be responsible for the validation of eu-LISA’s large-scale IT systems that have been distributed among all the EU Member States, paving the way for a more modern, efficient and secure European Union border management model
  • The work carried out by both companies will contribute to secure key functions made to help ensure that Europeans can move freely around the EU with extremely high levels of security

Strasbourg, September 14, 2021.- The European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, eu-LISA, has selected the consortium led by MINSAIT, an INDRA company, leader in Digital Transformation and Information Technologies, with the involvement of Westpole, a European company specialized in cloud, managed services and business process automation, to provide IT systems test and validation services for eu-LISA’s suite of Justice and Home Affairs core business applications and systems.

The framework contract, worth €180 million over six years, will seek to verify and validate the activities and applications and ensure the end-to-end adherence to development requirements and evolutions of core business systems under the responsibility of eu-LISA. This contract is the result of a bidding process conducted by eu-LISA (LISA/2019/OP/01 Transversal Engineering Framework (TEF) – Lot 4) in which numerous multinational companies took part. MINSAIT has a 70% stake in the selected consortium while WESTPOLE owns the remaining 30%.

eu-LISA plays a key role in the European Union’s ecosystem of organizations and agencies. In recent years it has focused its efforts on providing operational and technological support to the countries of the European Union to ensure that Europeans can move freely around the continent with extremely high levels of security.

The participation of MINSAIT and WESTPOLE will guarantee the quality and efficiency of eu-LISA’s large-scale IT systems used throughout the EU Member States and partake notably in the set-up of the Smart Borders Programme, which will mean a more modern, efficient and secure border management model for the European Union.

The work performed by the two companies will support certain key security functions in the Schengen Area, through the qualification of solutions afferent to the European IT Systems in the contract’s scope.