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Gatsby & White is an independent, privately-owned insurance brokerage company. It has been growing steadily since it was founded in 2013. With its wide range of services and custom life insurance solutions in the brokerage and agency services segments, it employs around twenty people and manages assets worth more than three billion euros on behalf of fifteen hundred clients.


The customer’s needs were as follows: to implement a resource externalisation solution, to guarantee data availability and security, to achieve financial competitiveness.

“We exist to fulfil our legal duty to find the right solutions and help our clients under all circumstances.” explains Michiel Van der Biest, Chief Operating Officer, Gatsby & White.
Like most newly-formed companies, Gatsby & White started out with a few PCs connected in a local network. Because the company then experienced sustained growth, the limitations of its information system infrastructure soon became apparent, at least to the in-house team in charge of it.