Highlands Institute

Highlands Institute relies on WESTPOLE to activate an integrated learning platform

The Highlands Institute in Rome is a private Catholic school that is part of the Regnum Christi international school network. It offers an innovative education program that allows students to fully develop their abilities and talents.


The Highlands Institute had been working on a Digital Transformation project, including a cloud solutions, since 2018. In 2020, when the pandemic arrived, it further confirmed the importance of this innovative vision. So, the Institute asked WESTPOLE to create an ad hoc, integrated, flexible solution, based on the specific needs of students and teachers and including a wi-fi network that would allow the regular daily operation of network resources. The result is an educational environment where 1,100 users log onto the cloud, of which 777 are equipped with iPads. This includes 120 teachers and administrative staff, who contribute to the use of approximately 1GB of inbound and outbound connectivity.